Monday, January 2, 2012

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Get Dot INFO's at Godaddy in just 0.49$ Each


I have got a method to register Dot INFO domains in just 0.49$ Each.

Btw its actual Price is 1.99$ each and also Bulk pricing is same if you buy more than 100 - 1000's price will be same 1.99$ at Godaddy

At Namecheap price is 2.99$ each

But through this method you will get Dot INFO's at Godaddy in just 0.49$ Each

Method Points :

1. Goto Godaddy bulk search

2. Enter your desired domain you want to register

3. But select .mobi from extensions

4. Search and you will get domains almost all availble in .mobi

5. Add .mobi domains to cart and goto Shopping Cart

6. There you will see .mobi domains and .info domains as a bonus
in just 0.49$

7. Now select .info same domain name and that will be included in your cart

8. Now remove .mobi domain and there it is

Now remaining . info domain will be in your account in same bonus price of 0.49$ , register as many as you can Wink
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