Saturday, September 24, 2011

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How to force remove a dead node from solusvm.

This command will help you in removing a dead node from solusvm master. Since the node is dead therefore we cannot remove it using the available option in the master.
Login to SSH in the master server and run below command.

php /usr/local/solusvm/scripts/deletenode.php --level=force --comm=delete --id=

The node id can be found in the VPS Control Panel. Click on node list and note down the ID of the node you want to remove.

Example: Suppose you want to remove a node having ID = 5

Then the command will be like:

php /usr/local/solusvm/scripts/deletenode.php --level=force --comm=delete --id=5

Similarly you can force remove any node from the solusVM master. This will only remove the NODE from master and will not remove any physical VPS inside that node.


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