Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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Auto-FFmpeg :: Auto FFMpeg Installer for CentOS 6+


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Auto FFMpeg Installer for CentOS 6+ and other Control Panel that support CentOS 6+ (eg Kloxo, ZPanel etc)


  • CentOS 6+
  • PuTTY
That's all! Did you expected more?

Why use this ?

Installation of FFMPEG is treated as the toughest installations as it has many dependencies. So I made this script, to simply the issues. Check with the below steps for easy installation.


$> yum update -y
$> yum install wget -y
$> wget --no-check-certificate "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/itseasy21/auto-ffmpeg/master/install-ffmpeg.sh" -O /root/install-ffmpeg.sh
$> cd /root
$> chmod +x install-ffmpeg.sh
$> ./install-ffmpeg.sh