Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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How To Enable Facebook Timeline Feature Easily

Hi Guys . As you all know that facebook has launched its new feature FACEBOOK TIME LINE which has been discussed in previous post.. so here i will tell all of you that how can u enable that feature easily on facebook step by step
During the f8 conference 2 days before, Mark Zuckerberg and his team announced a new feature called the Timeline - which is a visual representation of your life and the events surrounding it.
The feature is something totally new and wonderful, and in a unique way expresses a person’s identity. The feature is currently in beta and can beaccessedby developers only. This article shows how you can enable Timeline for your Facebook account.
Before I tell how you can enable the Facebook Timeline, let me explain you the various sections it has. The topmost portion of the timeline has a large space for a lead photo, which allows you to add an image to make your page look attractive. At the bottom-left it has your standard default overlapping display picture.
The next portion is called the Cover, which basically has your personal information, friends’ list, photos, “likes”, votes and so on. The next section serves as a dock for all youractivities(stories) you do on Facebook. Here the section is split into two columns which are presented with all the activities chronologically. It also contains the “Recent Activity” section and also a box to update your current status.
Enable Facebook Timeline
#1 To enable Facebook Timeline, the first step you need to do is to activate the Developer status for your account. To do this, login to your Facebook account and type “developer” into the Facebook search bar. Click on the first result, and add the app (Or click here to directly go to the app page).
#2 You will be asked to grant permissions for the app toaccess your basic information like name, profile picture, user ID and so on. Click on “Allow” and you will be taken to the Developer page. Click on the “Create New App” button. Provide a display name, appnamespace and click “Continue”.
New Facebook App
#3 Now you will be taken to your app’s main settings page. On the left sidebar, click the “Open Graph” link. You have to enter theaction and object in order create a test action for your app, like “watch” a “movie” or “read” a book”.
Facebook Open Graph
#4 On the next screen, just scroll down to the bottom and click “Save Changes and Next”. It might take a couple of minutes to save, so be patient until it loads the next page. Continue this for the next two pages. When you finished with the saving process, you will land on a page something like this -
Facebook Open Graph
#5 Now go back to your Facebook home screen and you will notice an invite on top of the page to try the Timeline feature. Click on “Get it now” and you’re done.
Facebook Timeline