Saturday, October 8, 2011

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Speeding up MySQL Queries for faster performance using MySQL Cache

MySQL Queries Can Really Kill Your Web Server. Yes its true that writing buggy SQL queries can result in a lot of server cpu usage. Many webmasters face this problem and they think that their service provider is not good and blah blah.

Best Example is of wapsites using sea 8.1 Script. Tongue

if you are in one of them or your server is getting overloaded because of MySQL then i will suggest you to look at below method of caching can help in reducing the cpu usage of a script.

ok so below is the way on how to use SQL cache.

Suppose your have a query
SELECT name from users where name='xtra';

so query with cache will be like this:
SELECT SQL_CACHE name from users where name='xtra';

This Will stores the result in cache.
Using This Can reduce Your Memory Requirement and load Your Site Faster Smile

Similarly there are a lot of ways to improve and reduce the server load by optimizing the SQL queries.