Friday, April 19, 2013

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File transfer in background using SCP

For scping large files, it is best to let them run in the background.

follow the steps below to transfer files using SCP command in the background

1) execute the normal scp command, eg:
# scp localfile.tar.bz2

2) after confirming the key and authentificating (if necessary), you can "stop" the job by pressing : ctrl + Z
[1]+ Stopped scp localfile.tar.bz2

3) then you can proceed the job in the background by typing
# bg
[1]+ scp localfile.tar.bz2 &

4) finally, to make sure the process is working in background, issue the “jobs” command
# jobs
[1]+ Running scp localfile.tar.bz2 &

Now the session can be exited with the file transfer unaffected.