Thursday, September 22, 2011

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All about facebook passwords

So far, you must have been thinking that just like other websites, you have a single password on facebook. Well it's quite shocking to know that you actually have three facebook passwords and not just one. In fact everybody on facebook has three passwords that they can use to log in. Surprised ? So was I but you need not worry.

The passwords are not a security issue or a bug. Developers at facebook have intentionally done so to make our lives easier. Let me make it clearer through an example. Assume that your facebook password is abCDef, then other two valid passwords for your account are Abcdef and ABcdEF. The explanation for three passwords is quite simple.

abCDef is your actual password.
Abcdef is your password in capitalized format. ( Useful for logging from a mobile device ).
ABcdEF is your password with it's case reversed. ( Useful for logging with Caps Lock on ).

See how much facebook developers care for us ? If you haven't already tried this, try logging in with the other two passwords and share your experiences.

Source: TechnosLab