Saturday, September 24, 2011

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How to edit a file via ssh

To edit a file via ssh we have the following editors: 

  • nano / pico
  • vim
  • vi
  • touch

Suppose we want to edit a file /home/w3tools/index.html using vim editor.

To edit this file use the following steps:

        1. Log in to server via ssh using any client (recommended: Putty)

        2. Run the following commands.
vim /home/w3tools/index.html
        3. Now the file index.html will be opened. To edit the file press i. Now make changes in the file.
        4. To save the file Press Esc then wq .

Your file will be updated successfully.
If index.html doesn't  exist it will be created automatically.

Note: To exit file editor without saving the file press Esc then q.